The Mexican pointy shoes can be worn at any place

The Mexican pointy shoes are now making the comeback from the Medieval England. The young men have now embraced this bold footwear with the toes which seem too long and they may end up curling as a giant spiral. The cobblers in the Matehuala say that it is just begun from a single customer and the trend caught fire. After that, every young man wanted to have the bizarre pointy boots for attending local discos, teenager and church ceremonies.
In the beginning the elongated toes were made from the plastic and were made for the $ 34. The young men who are not able to afford these shoes, were using the garden hoses to make them. They are also decorated with stars, butterflies, flashing lights or disco balls. This trend had been coinciding with the craze for the tribal dance which need the men to dress up in the matching skinny jeans and western shirts. The Mexican pointy shoes can also be used to dance to the African and pre-columbian dance with electro house and cumbia bass beats.

The use of the Mexican pointy shoes in competition

Most of the men who are competing in weekly dance competition also like to wear these shoes. Even if many people agree that it is trendy to wear these shoes, it is also difficult to dance some steps with these shoes on. The person who begun this craze wanted just to get attention. Now the young boys do not care of the shoes are for churches or night clubs. The history about the Mexican pointy shoes started when this man found the pointed cowboy shoes and he introduced it to the cattle ranchers and farmers of Mexico. When the young generation spotted this fashion, it caught up like fire. The main reason is to attract the girls by showing that the person is extra daring. The young men across the country now are having this kind of footwear. It has even accorded some celebrity status by booking the men for the wedding, TV appearances and Rodeos. Even if the Mexican pointy shoes look odd, there is no way to deny that they have a place in the fashion.

The Mexican pointy shoes are now found in many styles

The boots are normally meant for the dance and they are mostly worn by the men who want to compete in the dance competition. Some of these boots are even believed to have more than 7 inches in length. Some people also add the glitter on these Mexican pointy shoes by adding sparkles. The last time the pointed shoes were in the fashion was in the Medieval England. This obsession makes the men to wear the footwear with their toes looking so long until they are able to curl up in their end. Even if this fashion has been sparkled by only one person, it is now competing for different variations. This trend has now become something of a babe magnet and even if many people do not feel comfortable wearing them, they do not want to be left out. The girls also give the footwear an importance by refusing to dance with anyone who does not have them.

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