Spanish Pointy Boots Making A Claim

Spanish pointy boots, really why the spanish tried to promote their pointy boots at the time people all over the world going to Google to search Mexican pointy boots. Maybe the Spanish trying to make a statement they are the one who created the pointy boots. They are some truth in that, the Spaniard was the colonist who colonized Mexico hundred years ago. For the Indians how could forget all the brutal kicking their ancestor had to endured from the Spanish pointy boots.

After gaining their independence the Mexican developed into a nation that have their owned identity and cultural values. The effect from the Spanish colonized had caused a fusion of new cultures. A marriage between the Spanish culture and Indian culture and from there born the Mexican culture as we know today. Therefore the Mexican pointy boots could also derived from the same beginning.

Spanish Pointy Boots In Europe

Spanish pointy boots are more prominent in the continental European country. Maybe it can be call pointy boots 200 years ago but now no other boots can challenge the pointy boots of Mexico. Spanish pointy boot are more popular among woman than men. It is different with the Mexican version where men show their love to the boots in huge numbers. The Spanish pointy boot are not so decorative as its counterpart. Its look more conservative and less colorful. However the Spanish pointy boots can be seen on the catwalk often during the summer or spring collections.

Women it Europe love to wear the Spanish pointy boots as a way to show their sophistication styles. Meanwhile in the Mexico and USA the pointy boots are an essential for the wearer that have to face the rugged and harsh terrain of the western geographical locations. The image of cowboy and cowgirl have been embedded on the pointy boots of Mexico. Spanish pointy boots are not popular in other part of the world. The Mexican pointy boots are popular with other nations. The unique decorative and shaped of Mexican pointy boots have overshadowed the Spanish pointy boots.

Spanish Pointy Boots More Faminine

Spanish pointy boots personally to the writer looked more feminine and that why it is more popular among man. THe male version of Spanish pointy boots are not showing the spirit or real man. Unlike its contender which looked rugged and fierce. The term macho are more appropriate for the Mexican version. Further more the Spanish pointy boots are likely to be more expensive than the Mexican pointy boots.

Spanish Pointy Boots Less Info

There are more information on the web about the Mexican pointy boots compared to Spanish pointy boots. Even the news report on Mexican pointy boot are large in numbers. The Spanish pointy boots seem to be put in a category where on certain type of people would like to have it. But for the Mexican version it cut across nations and status. People seem more enthusias to read about Mexican pointy boot.

However there are still certain things that made the Spanish pointy boots great.

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