Mexican Pointy Shoes For The Young

Mexican pointy shoes nice or ugly? Its depend on the individual view of the pointy shoes which have become a new trend in Mexico and it also making it way to the United State. For the youngster in Mexico maybe the lack of latest design for men shoe made Mexican pointy shoes are looked upon as new trend to the youngster. For some people the weird design of the shoes is a joke but for some they find it as an artistic creation.

Mexican Pointy Shoes Trend

Mexican pointy shoesWould the pointy shoes be a trend all over the world? Nobody can exactly predict but if the shoes got it 5 minutes in New York or Milan, maybe it will be a trend. Mexican pointy shoes could it be a fashion statement by the young generation? Yes it may be a statement by the young generations. This also shows how men shoes are lacking of new design. Shoe designer should take Mexico new crazed as an example to create new design for men shoes.

Maybe if Mexican pointy shoes become a trend after all over the world than it will not be a surprised if manufacturer in Chine start to produce Mexican pointy shoes in huge numbers. For now the only way for those who like to have a pair of Mexican pointy shoes is to travel to Mexico. But don’t worry for those leaving outside of Mexico, you still can buy it by using the online business website such as Ebay or any online shopping website.

Mexican Pointy Shoes Will It Last.

Nobody knows whether the pointy shoes will last for more than 3 months in Mexico. However in the fashion world anything can happen. Even the bell bottom pants have it fair shares in the seventy. Mexican pointy shoes which earlier was made a small time shoe maker in Maxico now are raging like wild fire among the young men of Mexico.

Maybe the authority will have to issue more ticket to drivers that are wearing Mexican pointy shoes. It will surely be a difficult task for a person that wore Mexican pointy shoes to drive a car.

Mexican Pointy Shoes or Ali Baba Shoes

There are similarity between Mexican pointy shoes and Ali Baba shoes that can be found in Arab country. But the Mexican pointy shoes have a longer pointy at the front. What would the old generations say if the Mexican pointy shoes become trending all over the world. Would they criticize as what had happen in the early seventy when the bell bottom pants hit the world.

Mexican pointy shoes could also be a joke at first but because of it unique shape have caused the young men in Mexico decided to try it for real. For now the crazed for the pointy shoes have been major news in Mexico local newspaper.Suddenly the pointy shoes become more important than the war on drug in Mexico which have caused so many death, at least the pointy shoes gave a reason for the readers in Mexico to smile about.

More men will be wearing the Mexican pointy shoes if hollywood start to promote it in any blockbuster. Usually if this happen than the crazed will start to happen all over the world.

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