Caring For Leather Boots

leather boots caringIt takes more than just spending money on investing a good pair of leather boots. It also takes some amount of effort in keeping them clean and in good condition.

It’s best to follow these simple care tips to help keep your pair of leather boots in good condition:

Keep your boots clean at all times. This is the simplest and most sensible way of caring for your leather boots. To keep your boots in good condition, you should keep them clean from the time that you purchase them. Also, make sure that you remove any dirt immediately, especially mud, when you take them off. You can use store-bought leather cleaner or a damp cloth.

Condition your leather boots. You may use any regular leather conditioner. Just stay away from those that contain silicone or wax. Apply the leather conditioner onto a lint-free cloth and not directly on your boots. There should be a 30-minute interval when applying the product. For best results, avoid soaking your boots in conditioners.

Immediately take care of any stains. Avoid permanent stains on your leather boots by cleaning and removing them right away, because stains can become permanent if left untreated. If there’s a stain that won’t come off, you can use an oil-based leather conditioner on the entire boot.

Treat the unwanted odors. Leather also has a stinky odor, but it is tolerable. But a combination of leather odor and stinky feet can be a problem. You may use baking soda or any odor treatment to remove the stink from your Leather boots. Keep your boots in a paper bag with a small cup of baking soda for 24 hours. You can also put inside each boot an old sock filled with baking soda.

Store your boots properly. You should first Clean and condition your boots before storing them. You should use some stuffing material to hold the shape of tall boots. You may use acid-free paper in this case. Avoid high temperature areas, such as your garage, when storing your boots. Too high temperatures, such as a steady 100 degrees, can destroy your boots.

Lastly, make sure to keep your leather boots away from dyes, harsh chemicals and cleaning products. They are investments that need proper care to keep them in good shape and for you to enjoy them for a long time.

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