Mexican pointy boots in Fashion!

These Mexican pointy boots are extremely bizarre, whether we will see them on the Paris fashion runway shows soon or not, will have to wait and see. The Mexican pointy boots are really the most unusual fashion trend.

Mexican pointy boots

The Start of Mexican pointy boots

The Mexican pointy boots initially have been sought after and discovered inside Mexican’s northern Matehuala town, It was catched an unexpected craze in cowboy towns and rodeo. One of the recent Matehuala town dance competition came about more than 800 people, who had come and watch the ballroom dancers jump laterally and spin, and sensually shaking their hips while waving their arms as theirs boots sparkling ,shinny under the disco light, and as their long foot toes extensions bounced laterally.

For this past year, due to the fact these Mexican pointy boots are designed for dancing. Apparantly, the Mexican pointy boots caught on in other cities, rodeos and discos, even appearing on dancing floor in Texas, Dallas.

The Music for Mexican pointy boots dance

The preference music for mexican pointy bootd dance usually is “tribal” music, a combination of electro-house beats and fast cumbia bass combined with Pre-Columbian and African sound beats . The boots appear to be worn by those people complete in dance competition and mostly be men, You will find gossips of the funny guy putting on sharp boots of 6 ft long. And when you are likely rocking with such a sharp Mexican pointy boots, why don’t you want to make sure they are sparkle? They are frequently embellished with disco ball, flashing lights, glitter and satin.

The origins of the Mexican pointy boots

The Mexican pointy boots have just begun to be worn recently but now it has become the major fashion trend mostly in the dancing clubs and rodeo dance floors around Mexico. The youth heard about this footwear from Mexican city known as the Metehuala in the San Luis Potosi. The boots also come when the new dance known as the Tribal guarachero was also becoming popular. This made the youth to begin to dance this type of dance using the Mexican big boots. The music is a combination of African and pre-hispanic sound.

The need to outdo one another gave birth to the Mexican pointy boots

The dance became the favorite of the youth and they also soon begun to plan the rodeo festivals in the dance clubs. When the Mexican big boots come, many people were wearing the same size of boots but others begun to make them longer and longer until it went out of control. This turned into the contest to see who has the pointiest boots. The long boots have been highlighted by wearing skinny jeans while others can choose to wear up to 7 seven inches of Mexican pointy boots.

Using boots for fashion statement

The boots begun as the regular cowboy boots and they were being pimped out by using common materials and flash dyes while some choose to use the rubber hose so that their boots can become longer. They can cover them with the layer of leather to make sure that they are the as point as it can be. The young people use many types of carving tools to achieve to the design they want.
The young Mexicans when wearing the Mexican big boots, they are fully aware that some people think that their boots are stupid and fun but they do not care. For them the most important thing is to be happy about the Mexican pointy boots they are wearing, and they do not care about what other people think about them.

The importance of decorations with the Spanish pointy boots

The Mexican pointy boots also have been inspired by the military boots which are being worn by many people. The military boots have become functional and there are many magazines which publish their own collections. As the Mexican big boots, the military boots have been designed to outstand the bad weather while the most basic design is the laces up. Even if there are many variations of the boots, the military boots are still the most popular one. The jump boots or tanker boots also have become popular. There are other models which have been created to be used for certain environment. Before the dance in Mexico, the contests take too much of their time trying to choreograph the intricate footwork and working on their own outfit with cheap fabric , paint and Mexican big boots. The prize is normally in the form of the whiskey and small bucks. The Mexican pointy boots are made by using the normally and boring boots with the materials which can be bought in the cart store and hardware. They all need to get the glitter treatment regardless of the material.

A pointy toed cowboy boots that curl toward up the knees, this fashion trend has swept northeastern Mexico where most men are hitting dance floors and wearing sequined Mexican pointy boots.

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